Rapyd Gains Traffic By Explaining Fintech Apps

Many online marketplaces only allow merchants to use a single payment processor. Other marketplaces offer a limited selection of payment processors. But online marketplaces often serve merchants and customers from all over the world. A shopper in Brazil might not use the same payment method as a shopper in the US. As a result, many merchants want a payment processor that gives them more flexibility, and that is the service that Rapyd provides. Rapyd allows customers throughout the world to send payments with the apps that are popular in their home countries, even if merchants in the US have never heard of these apps before.

Rapyd also uses content marketing to promote its payment processing services. Because it supports a wide variety of payment methods, the company has designed a content marketing strategy based on this advantage. If a merchant sees a customer offering to pay with an app that the merchant hasn’t seen before, they’ll probably use Google to look up more information about that app. So Rapyd has created a series of blog posts that explain how popular global payment methods work.

This Company Provides Global Payment Services

Rapyd doesn’t just provide payment processing services for online marketplaces. It also provides services to gig workers. These workers include bike riders who pick up orders from restaurants and grocery stores and drop them off at a customer’s doorstep. The payment app also helps workers in wealthy countries, such as the United States, send remittances to their family members back home. And Rapyd also helps freelancers accept payments when their clients are located in foreign countries. The payment processor can even help lenders in the US make loans to customers in developing countries.

How Rapyd’s Content Marketing Works

One of Rapyd’s most popular articles explains Boleto, a popular payment method in Brazil. Boleto means ticket in Portuguese, and the Boleto network allows Brazilians to make online purchases with cash. Instead of using a payment card to make a purchase, a merchant can send the customer a ticket that’s similar to an invoice. The customer takes the ticket to a bank and pays the bill with cash, and then the bank submits an online payment to the merchant. As a result, the customer can make an online purchase without using a smartphone or a bank account.

As the company explains, this payment method isn’t just for Brazilians who don’t have bank accounts. In the US, gas stations frequently give their customers discounts for using cash to pay for their purchases, and many small businesses only accept cash because they don’t want to pay credit card fees. Brazilian merchants also prefer cash and will give their customers discounts for using Boleto as a payment method.

Another popular article explains Worldpay, a British payment processor that also has a worldwide customer base. This company is one of Rapyd’s main competitors. As a result, the article not only explains how Worldpay works, it gives Rapyd an opportunity to explain why its payment service is better. Like its brand name suggests, Rapyd’s main competitive advantage is rapid payment processing. So even though Worldpay also supports a wide variety of payment methods and can be used throughout the world, Rapyd’s argument is that its service can get payments to their destination more quickly.

Rapyd Has a Clear Content Marketing Strategy

There’s a difference between a fintech that’s using a content marketing strategy and a fintech that’s just putting up random blog posts. It’s clear what Rapyd is doing if you use a SEO tool like Ahrefs to examine its top-ranking articles. This payment processor is creating guides such as “What is Boleto?” and “What is Alipay”. These aren’t random topics and it’s clear that Rapyd is creating a series of guides that explain how various payment processors work.

As I explained in my post about Mesh Payments, this is another example of a repeatable strategy with proven results. If a new payment app was released in India, for example, Rapyd could create a guide explaining how that app works and the guide would be highly likely to bring traffic to the company’s website. The payment processor could even estimate the amount of revenue that the article would generate by using statistics from its other “What is” articles.

Additionally, Rapyd is gaining additional traffic by writing blog posts about prominent consumer brands. A popular payment processing app might have tens of millions of users. By explaining how that app works, Rapyd can show up in the top search results for that app. The payment processor can even challenge direct competitors like Worldpay by using this content marketing strategy.


It’s clear that Rapyd has developed an overall strategy for its content marketing campaign. In this campaign, the company is posting guides that explain how various payment methods work. These guides are attracting traffic to Rapyd’s website, which indicates that the campaign is working. Additionally, this campaign is using a strategy that is repeatable and measurable. If Rapyd decided to create more guides, it would be relatively easy to come up with the topics for those guides. It would also be possible to predict the incremental revenue that each guide would generate.

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