Fintech Referral Bonus List

Right now, many fintechs are offering bonuses to new users. Rewards for opening a new account range from $5 to hundreds of dollars. Many of these offers appear on the Signups for Pay subreddit, where posters also offer additional rewards they send out themselves. The MoneySavingExpert forum is another good place to find referral offers.

But forum posts may be out of date. And even if they’re not, it’s more convenient to have many offers in one place. So I made a list of fintechs that offer sign-up rewards to both the new user and the referrer.

Investment App Offers

Stash pays a bonus of between $5 and $50. The new user has to deposit at least $5 to qualify for the offer.

Peer-to-peer finance platform ViaInvest offers a EUR 15 reward when a new user makes a EUR 50 investment.

Robinhood offers a free stock to new users. It’s randomly selected and is worth between $2.50 and $200.

SoFi offers a $75 bonus to new users after they deposit $1000 in their accounts. The new user has to open an active investment account, not an automated investment account, to qualify for the offer.

Brokerage eToro offers a $50 bonus to new users after they deposit $50 in their accounts.

Passfolio offers a varying reward if a new user deposits either $25 in cash or $50 in cryptocurrency. The bonus is usually $5 but can be as high as $100 on rare occasions.

Trading212 offers a random stock worth as much as GBP 100. The user has to deposit GBP 1 to qualify for this offer.

Money Transfer Offers

Worldremit pays out bonuses after the new user sends cash to another country. The size of the payout depends on the country where the new user is located. For example, a US user has to send $100 to qualify for the bonus and receives $20. For many European Worldremit users, the required transfer is EUR 125 and the payout is EUR 25.

XendPay provides variable money transfer rewards. In the US if a new user sends $100 they get a $10 credit applied to their second transfer. If you’re in Europe you receive a EUR 10 credit for making a EUR 100 transfer.

OrbitRemit pays a reward of GBP 75 or AUD/NZD 150 to current users if they refer three new ones. New users get a no-fee money transfer, but no additional cash. Each user has to send at least GBP 25 or AUD/NZD 50 to qualify for the reward.

TalkRemit offers a GBP 20 referral credit to new users who send a transfer worth EUR 125.

Cash App pays a $5 reward to new users after they use the app to send $5.

Cryptocurrency Offers

Vimba pays out $20 to new users who make $100 in automated deposits. The reward is paid out in bitcoins, not dollars.

Voyager offers a $25 referral bonus if a new user deposits at least $100 and trades at least $100. Buying stablecoins still counts as a trade.

Donut offers a $10 referral bonus in exchange for a $10 deposit.

Bitpanda pays a EUR 10 bonus when a new user deposits EUR 25 and trades EUR 25. The offer isn’t available in Germany.

Neobank Offers

The British neobank Curve offers a $5 bonus to new users.

N26 offers a $5 bonus to new users in the US after they make a transaction. The referrer gets $10.

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